inFINity – The Fachcha Finance Quiz

With a fresh new set of ambitious faces joining the ranks of IIMA students as part of the PGP-1 batch, Beta welcomed the batch with utmost enthusiasm and energy. As part of this effort, Beta organized “InFINity – The Faccha Finance Quiz” – an event aimed at promoting greater interest in the PGP-1 batch regarding the world of finance. The quiz attracted an eager response from the Facchas with over 70 teams of two members turning up for the event which was held on 3rd September, 2009.

The quiz began with two elimination rounds for all the teams. The questions covered a broad range of topics from within the financial world, ranging from financial current affairs to basic business jargon. After a closely contested elimination phase, 5 teams made it to the final rounds. The final rounds stepped up the competition – as a variety of rounds with different formats such as “Connect the Images” and “Guess Who” rounds tested the all-round awareness levels of the students. Teams had to be quick and innovative in their thinking to answer a diverse range of unconventional questions regarding the financial world. In what turned out to be a cliffhanger, the honors were taken away by Glen D’Silva and  Sayali Kale who emerged first. Aashwit Mahajan and Gourav Dhavale won the second prize. The winners took home gift vouchers of Crossword, and the bragging rights of having aced a Beta quiz.


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