Britain decided to leave the European Union in what was clearly a shock to the markets. A consensus put the possibility of ‘Brexit’ at 9% a mere few hours before the EU Referendum took place on the 23rd June. As results started flowing in, so did the markets tumble. Several index futures including the S&P... Continue Reading →


Microsoft acquisition of LinkedIn – Demystifying the Network

INTRODUCTION The mega US$26bn acquisition of Linkedin by Microsoft, which will see world’s largest professional cloud joining hands with world’s largest professional network has caught the attention of users and professionals alike. Through the medium of this article, we attempt to break down various facets of the deal and try and make sense whether the... Continue Reading →

Known Unknowns! Grexit or Austerity?

Varoufakis, Greece’s ex-finance minister, is a professor of mathematical economics who specializes in game theory. But, his negotiating tactic was quite the opposite of what standard game theory would state. Varoufakis’s idea of a successful strategy was to hold a gun to his head and then demand a ransom for not pulling the trigger. “Stop... Continue Reading →

Goods and Services Tax

— by Tejaswi K., PGP Student, IIM Ahmedabad   Introduction The word tax is derived from the Latin word ‘taxare’ meaning ‘to estimate’. Taxation has four main purposes or effects: Revenue, Redistribution, Re-pricing and Representation. The primary purpose of Taxation is revenue generation. Taxes raise funds to spend on roads, schools, hospitals, and on other... Continue Reading →

Union Budget 2015 – The Other Perspective

--- by Vineet Gupta, PGP Student, IIM Ahmedabad The NDA government, equipped with an undisputed majority in the Parliament, with the aspiration to disrupt UPA’s socialism, was expected to uncover a plan for structural changes. But largely, the budget does not meet the expectations. It has some positives, and with an effective execution, they will... Continue Reading →

Money Manager 7

  Beta, The Finance Club of IIMA, in association with the Finance clubs of IIMB and IIMC, publishes the “Money Manager”, a pan-IIM finance magazine. The seventh edition of the magazine has been brought out by Beta, with support from Brics Securities and GACL, in January 2010. It was launched at the IIM Ahmedabad... Continue Reading →

inFINity – The Fachcha Finance Quiz

With a fresh new set of ambitious faces joining the ranks of IIMA students as part of the PGP-1 batch, Beta welcomed the batch with utmost enthusiasm and energy. As part of this effort, Beta organized “InFINity – The Faccha Finance Quiz” – an event aimed at promoting greater interest in the PGP-1 batch regarding... Continue Reading →

Beta Career Series Talk – Fixed Income

About the speaker: Mr. Ashish Gupta Ashish is currently managing the G3 Interest Rate derivatives trading and Interest Rate Risk management for Reliance Industries Limited. Before he moved to Reliance, he was Vice President with the Structuring desk at Citigroup for 3 years. Additionally, he was instrumental for growth of the structured options business. Prior to... Continue Reading →

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